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The “60 Seconds” Strategy


The “60 Seconds” Strategy

The “60 Seconds” Strategy

Binary options – it is a universal way to double your capital in the shortest time. We will not hide the fact that it is the fast earnings and its effectiveness that attract many traders. It is when trading binary options, you can lose or find twice as many in the shortest possible time. This attracts experienced sellers in the economic market and newcomers who paid attention to this area only because of its mobility. Exactly these are options in 60 seconds.

The strategy of “60 seconds” is one of the most popular, despite the fineness of its use and exactingness. The basis of any trade on the exchange is a thorough analysis of the market. It is teeming with dealers, dealers, players and banks, and there is no time for analytical reflection, constructing and arranging news. In such an environment, it is difficult to do one’s work thoughtfully and carefully. The situation becomes even more complicated by the fact that each of the market participants pulls the blanket on themselves, which further destabilizes the situation. Despite this, the trading strategy for 60 seconds is quite a successful, working and profitable business.

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The essence of the “60 seconds” strategy

Trading binary options in 60 seconds as well as many other strategies tied to the trend. In addition, proceeding from the fact that it has an inherent property to grow, it is possible to begin preparation. In order to carry out the plan, it is necessary to open a live schedule, which is desirable to adjusted a little. The display should clearly show the trend positions. Next, you need two indicators to work: the moving average and MADD. When the schedule is clearly established and it is convenient to work with it, you can add two indicators to it. Based on these indicators, you can track the situation on the market and distinguish a really growing trend from noise. The MA line will also help determine if the market trend is falling or rising. Experienced traders advise to bet on the intersection of the line and the signal line. Then you just have to watch. Observation of price movements will occur on currency pairs, shares or other assets within 60 seconds. It is from here and the name of the strategy itself.

Thus, in just one minute you can double your capital. Simple and quick observations are not always a guarantee of lost time. This strategy aimed at a quick game that designed for instant trend changes. If you learn how to correctly use the strategy “60 seconds” when trading binary options you can quickly and without problems earn.


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