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Sales Force Automation Systems that will Fully Transform your Business


Sales Force Automation Systems that will Fully Transform your Business

Sales Force Automation Systems that will Fully Transform your Business

Sales force automation market is one of the richest ones

Sales force automation (SFA) is a unique approach to sales and an effective mechanism to automate sales processes, implement sales forecasting analysis, improve and track interactions with customers and much more. Its advantages are numerous; it helps you grow not only your sales, but also the whole business, you can order a custom version that will be developed specifically for your enterprise or select the one available on the market.

Sales force automation market is really one of the richest ones in this field, and the number of products is increasing day by day. If you are in a search of a system and come across the term – customer relationship management (CRM) system, don’t be confused because this is the best solution to not only automate your sales, but combine your sales management with the management of your customers. CRM is a more complex solution, while SFA deals with sales processes only. The best CRM systems on the market provide sales force automation tools for you to have all-in-one solution. The term CRM is connected to the fact that the role and value of a customer is crucial in any sales process and in any industry.

Choosing the best CRM system

The choice of the best CRM system becomes more difficult when there is a range of good products, not taking into account the ones that are just trying to enter the sales automation market and provide restricted opportunities. So our professional staff has compiled a list of CRM market top vendors – the ones who have strengthened their position in this industry due to their excellent service and exclusive opportunities they provide to customers.

№1: bpm’online

Bpm’online firmly holds the first position when it comes to sales force automation. This cloud-based system continues to surprise with its great features and so many powerful tools. Just check it out to learn more.

It is not at all surprising that this system has received so many awards, and key industry experts always state its uniqueness and difference as compared to other systems. Bpm’online knows the value of a customer and his role in your success, therefore each feature is designed and developed to be closer to customers and fully understand their goals to correspond. Its awesome features include performance tracking, end-to-end management of your business processes, product and project management, customer data and lead management, and, of course, field sales management. There are still other features that make this system an outstanding one, among them are sales forecasting, knowledge management and system designer.
That’s not all, it also gives you a chance to manage orders and invoices, perform sales estimations and have a complete view of customer database, integrate your data to other systems and databases and synchronize when needed. Have you ever dreamed of managing your sales via mobile? With bpm’online – the number one system according to the majority of rankings, it is now possible and you should remember that your results are always measurable if you trust this system!

Although now you are acquainted with the top vendor of this industry, it is always better to know the competitors and compare the features, advantages and disadvantages, so keep on reading and discover other systems that might also interest you.


№2: Freshsales

Freshsales is another CRM with sales force automation tools, and it is widely used and well known for its amazing features. It cares about its users, and this is easily seen from the opportunities it provides to its clients to reach flexibility and comfort. Among them are ability to send bulk emails and monitor further steps connected with them, automatic prioritization of emails, web page analyzing and tracking, contact segmentation, lead scoring, complete view of each customer and prospect, etc.

All these features help sales people understand their customers and leads better, analyze their behavior, buying habits, interests and requirements, and be able to nurture them and close the deals in time and successfully. What concerns integration opportunities, Freshsales is not standing behind here also, as it offers numerous integration opportunities with famous and mostly used systems.

Let’s also mention another great feature which makes this system an outstanding one – Freshsales is a multiplatform, which means that you can enjoy its features via various devices.


№3: Infusionsoft

Infusionsoft is the third sales CRM worth to mention in this article. This system is extremely easy to use due to its flexibility and user-friendly interface. It has become very popular recently as it can be used not only by large enterprises, but also by small corporations as it offers personalized experience.

This system is also cloud-based, and it aligns several disciplines and systems on one platform. It is a crucial tool if you have decided to boost your sales and not to forget about, client relationship management and interaction improvement, personalization and excellent customer support.

It provides a range of powerful tools and features, including contact segmentation, customer interactions tracking, inventory management, payment control, digital storefront, opportunity to have control over quotes, invoices and receipts, shopping cart setup, etc.

This software system stresses the importance of a customer journey, and with this sales tool, it is definitely easier to convert leads into customers and the journey is made professionally and productively.

Now, as you are acquainted with all of these sales force automation systems and their benefits and drawbacks, the comparison can be easier and the choice smarter. Whatever sales CRM system you choose, just remember that sales automation is the core of your business growth and success.

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