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Most Popular Marketing Techniques for Small Businesses


Most Popular Marketing Techniques for Small Businesses

Most Popular Marketing Techniques for Small Businesses

When it comes to promoting your product or service you need to ensure you reach your target customer. Before you ever decide on a marketing tactic you should have your ideal customer in mind so that you can base all of your marketing decisions on how to reach that specific type of person. Once you know the type of person you are targeting, let’s look at the different marketing techniques you can use to promote your product or service.

Mobile Marketing

This is a fairly new form of marketing that is aimed at capturing your target audience while they are on their cell phone. You can capture them via in-game marketing, SMS marketing, and banner marketing. With this type of advertising, a business can be very specific about which customer they target by geographical location and other factors.

Social Media / Viral Marketing

It’s unheard of in today’s market to have a small business without a few social media pages. These help clients connect with your business on the social media outlets that they use on a regular basis. The concept is to create content that is newsworthy and urges consumers to share with their friends on these social media networks.

Search Engine Optimization

It’s no surprise to many that businesses are getting more of their new customers from Google searches than anywhere else. Those businesses that show up at the top of the search results list for specific service or product searches are those who are rewarded with new customers. Fannit is an SEO agency that works to rank your website in the Google search engine results for terms specific to your business to help increase your customer base.

Promotional Marketing

This popular form of marketing has been in the bag of small businesses for many years. With promotional marketing, businesses have products created with their logo imprinted on them. These can be any items, such as pens, hats, or shirts. The business gives away these free promotional products in an effort to increase their brand awareness among customers.

Guerrilla Marketing

There are many tactics that fall into this kind of marketing. This is the type of marketing plan that is run by those businesses who have a smaller budget to work with. This typically includes tactics such as poster and flyers. The marketing team heavily relies on their energy and time to create unusual tactics to get the attention of their target market.

Referral Marketing

Established businesses will heavily rely on their customers to bring in new customers. Most will offer a referral amount that they will pay an existing customer when a new customer is acquired by means of the existing customer. This is great for those who have loyal customers and is very inexpensive on the budget, as the business is only paying when they receive new customers.

These various marketing techniques have worked for many years to help small businesses grow sales, brand awareness, and their customer base.

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